About Us


The idea for Liberty Blankets was born on a cold and windy spring morning in Eden, Utah. I was watching my kids' soccer games with a sleeping bag wrapped around my legs to stay warm. As rain clouds started to roll in and the wind picked up, I had to run to the car to put my not-waterproof sleeping bag away before it got completely soaked. Other spectators just let their blankets get wet but were fighting to keep them wrapped around their legs and bodies in the wind.

As I stood there for the remainder of the game, shivering in the cold and rain with the other equally miserable parents, I thought to myself, "I wish I had a waterproof, insulated blanket that would stay put in the wind." I went home, and after about an hour of searching online without finding anything close to what I wanted, I decided to make my own.

I grabbed some waterproof fabric, sleeping bag insulation, and some flannel and sewed up the first prototype Liberty Blanket. At the next cold and rainy soccer game, I was warm and dry and the other parents were envious of my new blanket. After some requests to make more blankets, I decided to create Liberty Blanket Company.

We've now found that Liberty Blankets are good for almost every situation. We keep at least one in each of our cars, with our 72-hour kits/bug-out bags and other emergency gear, with our camping gear, and we take them to all sporting events. They're even great to use at the beach because they are easy to shake off and clean.

Officially founded in 2022 by my wife, Kelsey, and me, Liberty Blanket Co. is small but growing quickly. We have three employees, Lincoln (9), Reagan (6), and Rosalyn (10 mo.), one shop dog (Malan) and two cats (Shadow and Ash) who keep the morale high.

We really appreciate your support and we hope you love your Liberty Blankets.


Greg Reynolds, Founder